Travis Scott Astronomical

I saw two amazing events today Travis Scott and my Cincinnati Bangles draft Joe Burrows as the number one pick, LET’S GO! The biggest thing for me was cactus jack himself doing a live concert on Fortnite, a multi-platform game by Epic Games. I have been listening to Travis since “Dance on the Moon” dawg has been litty ever since. Many states have a shelter in place order due to Covid-19, living in these unprecedented times and witnessing something so surreal was mind blowing. The world needed that today. Even being stuck in the house I was juiced to see the visuals and the repeat of bangers by Travis Scott, he did not disappoint. Also, I am very ecstatic to make this my first blog post ever capturing the true essence of the culture and tech that I’m immensely proud to promote. Hats off to you Travis, taking it the next phase and pushing the outer limits of what is possible and what is to come for hip hop and technology. That was brilliant I cannot wait to see what’s next!!

Just in case you missed it there is another showing Epic Games will repeat the event on Saturday, April 25, at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT. 

One of my favorite Travis cutz right now.


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