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A Place to share cool tech and Inspire others to take the leap into the tech multiverse, it dose not matter where you are from or background its all about where you are headed towards what you love with technology.

“Satisfaction of one’s curiosity is one of the greatest sources of happiness in life. ” -Linus Pauling

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My name is Terence Oddie I created this site as an inside look to my inner thoughts in tech and the culture. The idea of technology being only available to certain people is a false perception. Growing up in the hood my momma told me that the only way out for me was going to be science and technology. I was not the best student, my mom telling me that was pretty much the only reason I showed up to school. Being a nerd growing up I was an easy target, always being beat up or messed with till one day I had enough. I took up boxing and found myself. Being in the ring was always amazingly comfortable for me. I fell in love with boxing, it showed me that I can take on anything without dying. Life has been full of many up and downs, but I know I can handle losses, mental or physical. My strength and confidence grew transforming me into believing I could be a Chemical engineer. I really like chemistry, knowing and understanding the truth about matter. In college I spent most of my time in front of a computer not knowing exactly how it worked but learning as time went on. Last year (2019) I finished a computer programming course at the University of Oregon. Learning to code in a boot camp setting in only six months was not only tough but also very fascinating. Learning how applications are developed and the amount time that goes into creating a simple idea and watching them become real is extremely exciting. While in the program I got hired with a company that should help me reach my goals as a software engineer. If I do not land a job soon, I will begin my start up business. The plan is to be very present and active in multiple industries and sectors. I want to help others succeed and give back to my community. I want to showcase the truth of how dope technology can be all over the world and what little you need to get started to help change the tech culture.

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